Espresso Paladino by Zoka Coffee Roasters Review |
  • Zoka Coffee Roasters

    Seattle, Washington
  • Espresso Paladino

Roast: Dark Review Date: September 2005
Origin: Not Disclosed Price: NA

Blind Assessment: Once past the aroma, co-taster Ted Lingle (79) had little positive to say about this blend, finding it lean in body, rather burned/bitter in flavor, and weak in presence in milk. Ken (84) also found the mouthfeel too lean and the finish too astringent, but enjoyed the berry-like, chocolate-leaning fruit that carried through the profile from aroma to milk. The reader who nominated this blend said he wanted "to see if this espresso is everything it is claimed it is."

Notes: Coffee Review gave this blend a positive review and a rating of 90 in February of 2004. Something appears to have changed in the intervening year-and-a-half, probably the roast or the choice of green coffee, though changes in the reviewer's preferences and palate are always a possibility. Zoka is a leading small-batch roaster specializing in espresso blends and education. Visit or call 206-545-4313 for more information.

Who Should Drink It: Those who enjoy a little scorch on their blueberry scones.


Coffee, more so than wine, is a continually changing product. Recent reviews, whether written by Coffee Review or readers, are most likely to reflect current versions of a given coffee.