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  • Thanksgiving Coffee

    Fort Bragg, California
  • Organic Espresso, N. Italian Style

Roast: Medium-Dark Review Date: September 2005
Origin: Not Disclosed Price: NA

Blind Assessment: Ken and co-taster Ted Lingle ended with comparable overall ratings (Ken 85, Ted 86) but differed in how they got there. Ted found the aroma a bit flat; Ken found it delicate, with toast, apple and floral notes. Ted found the body fuller and the mouthfeel more substantial than Ken did. Both found the flavor in the small cup toasty/smoky and a bit sharp in the finish. Both admired the way the blend rounded and sweetened in milk. Nominating reader Robert Bobbs praised this blend as "perfectly balanced ... big body, slightly sweet, not too much acidity but enough to enliven the cup; holds up well in big milky drinks but is fantastic as a straight shot."

Notes: Coffee Review gave this blend a rave review and a rating of 93 in March 2005. The most likely reason for the drop in rating here are green coffees that faded or changed in the six months between reviews, but differences in roasting profile, staling after roasting, and, yes, inconsistencies in palates and nervous systems of reviewers, all are possibilities. All coffees composing this blend are certified organically grown. "Northern Italian Style" is a term American roasters often use to describe espresso blends that consist of naturally sweet, low-acid coffees brought to a relatively lighter roast, as opposed to "Southern Italian Style," a term generally describing espresso blends consisting of sharper coffees brought to a darker roast. One of the country's groundbreaking socially and environmentally progressive roasters, Thanksgiving has aimed to combine coffee quality with social and environmental responsibility long before the latter preoccupations became fashionable. Visit or call 800-648-6491 for more information.

Who Should Drink It: Those who hope to get a sample that tastes as fine as the version we reviewed six months ago.


Coffee, more so than wine, is a continually changing product. Recent reviews, whether written by Coffee Review or readers, are most likely to reflect current versions of a given coffee.