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    Durham, North Carolina
  • Shaded Decaf Mexican

Roast: Medium-Dark Review Date: November 1997
Origin: Mexico Price: NA

Blind Assessment: A tribute to dimension and balance. A complete, classic coffee; medium-bodied, with a discreetly wine-toned acidity and just a touch of darker-roasted pungency. Even displays a hint of carbon in the finish, which I could do without, but which some may take as a sign of completeness.

Notes: A tribute to dimension and balance. A complete, classic coffee with medium body, discreet wine-toned acidity and a touch of darker-roasted pungency. Shade-grown using conventional methods. Decaffeinated by a variant of the CO2 or carbon dioxide method, which uses no solvents. The roaster, Fred Houk, contends that this method produces a coffee that tastes better than those decaffeinated by competing n

Who Should Drink It: A bicoastal coffee: Enough power and pungency for the West and enough subtlety and brightness for the East. Not only did the CO2 decaffeination process leave impressive aromatics in the beans, but the roaster avoided drying out the coffee, always a danger with delicate, heat-tender decaffeinated beans.


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