Colombian Supremo by Puroast Review |
  • Puroast

    Woodland, California
  • Colombian Supremo

Roast: Very-Dark Review Date: May 2005
Origin: Colombia Price: NA

Blind Assessment: Pleasant enough aroma: rich, with a lushly fruity, brandied chocolate complication. After that pleasant overture, however, things go downhill fast. In the cup blaringly bitter and astringent, though hints of cherryish, chocolaty fruit do survive. In the finish, however, nothing at survives except a hard, overbearing astringency.

Notes: Health angle: Puroast claims that its extremely slow roasting process in a sealed drum results in "33% lower acidity," resulting in a "Stomach Friendly Coffee." "Feel better not bitter," reads their trade-marked slogan. Reading between the lines of the website, it appears that the 33% figure is based on measurements of quinic acid, a substance associated with bitterness. Nevertheless, in the case of this particular sample there appears to be confusion on a sensory level between acidity and bitterness. This sample definitely displayed low acidity, but it also displayed very intense bitterness and astringency. Puroast is a long-established company selling its super-slow-roasted coffees through natural foods stores and its website. Visit or call 877-569-2243 for more information.

Who Should Drink It: This sharply astringent coffee could work for those who add a lot of milk and sweetener to their cup.


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