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  • Jeremiah's Pick Coffee

    San Francisco, California
  • Go Joe J.O.E. (Java of Evolution)

Roast: Very-Dark Review Date: May 2005
Origin: Not Disclosed Price: NA

Blind Assessment: The aroma is sweet but flat, with a distinct burned wood character. In the cup the burned tones come across as rather rich, bolstered by a dry spice, almost black pepper sensation. Sweetens and softens surprisingly in the finish, especially in the long.

Notes: Organically grown coffee infused enhanced with Asian ginseng, which supporters claim promotes release of energy and contributes to mental alertness and a general sense of well-being. This coffee is offered in both a decaffeinated and (reviewed here) a regular, caffeine-intact version. Jeremiah's Pick is an innovative small-batch roaster that offers a wide range of standard and exotic single-origin coffees, as well as a small selection of coffees with natural additives like cocoa nibs (Chocatal) and Yerba Mate tea (Powercafe). Visit www.jeremiahspicks.com or call 877-537-3642 for more information.

Who Should Drink It: Those who want some caffeine and antioxidants with their ginseng.


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