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    Portland, Oregon
  • Costa Rican Miravalles

Roast: Medium-Dark Review Date: November 1997
Origin: Costa Rica Price: NA

Blind Assessment: This coffee could be condemned for its lack of power or admired for its soft refinement and vanilla- and nut-toned sweetness. I bought in on the sweetness side. The vanilla-nut tones displayed remarkable persistence, complicating the aroma and lingering in the aftertaste with surprisingly clarity and richness.

Notes: A coffee both subtly luxurious and soberly honest with vanilla and nut-toned sweetness from the aroma through the aftertaste with clarity and richness. Certified organically grown and shade-grown.

Who Should Drink It: A coffee both subtly luxurious and soberly honest: in other words, a good breakfast coffee in the East-Coast and Midwestern tradition. I hardly would have guessed that this was a Costa-Rica, but the charm of organic programs is the way they bring interesting but atypical coffees out of the woods and into the larger specialty market.


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