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    Parlin, New Jersey
  • Marcafe Crema Bar Espresso

Roast: Light Review Date: March 2005
Origin: Not Disclosed Price: NA

Blind Assessment: Lush, complex aroma: wine, raisins, dark chocolate, nuts, spice. In the small cup full body, buttery mouthfeel, and a distinct raisin-chocolate flavor with slight salty undertones. The raisin-chocolate carries into the rich finish, as does the shadow saltiness. In milk the chocolate rounds and sweetens richly from raisins to cherries with a whiff of fresh leather and a persistent hint of salt.

Notes: This espresso blend is roasted and ground in Italy and distributed in the United States by Tastes of the World, an online retailer and distributor of fine coffee, espresso, tea, chocolate, and related equipment and gifts. This blend is of a genuinely Italian style that is difficult to find in the U.S.: light-roasted, making use of naturally low-acid, lushly fruity, slightly fermented coffees, including some of the robusta species, to give it its sweet, raisin-and-brandied chocolate character. Note that this blend is sold pre-ground. The very fine grind will produce an excellent espresso in inexpensive (usually costing under $100) espresso brewing devices that use the simple pressure of trapped steam to force the water through the bed of ground coffee. Coffee lovers with more expensive and sophisticated home machines that use pumps or pistons to force the water through the coffee may find that the grind is a bit too coarse, producing a relatively short (under 14-second) shot. Visit or call 877-895-2662 for more info.

Who Should Drink It: Those Americans curious to try a genuine Italian espresso of the better corner caffý style.


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