Zambia AA Plus, Lupili Estate by Kaffe Magnum Opus Review |
  • Kaffe Magnum Opus

    Millville, New Jersey
  • Zambia AA Plus, Lupili Estate

Roast: Medium Review Date: February 2005
Origin: Zambia Price: NA

Blind Assessment: A changeable coffee both as it cools and from session to session. Constants are a crisp coffee fruit that probably best reads as pear or cherry, a smoky, spicy chocolate sensation, and distinct floral notes that at times resemble an elegant, heady lilac. The finish tends to be heavy, but as the cup cools the long finish is finely floral.

Notes: Zambia is another emerging African coffee origin, with the emergence fueled mainly by the ambitious plans of the Zambians themselves. AA is the highest grade of Zambia coffee based on bean size, with "Plus" indicating a coffee consisting of even larger beans than the usual AA. Kaffe Magnum Opus is a roaster, wholesaler and Internet retailer of quality specialty coffee. Visit or call 800-652-5282 for more information.

Who Should Drink It: Those who always try to take a different way home.


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