Coffee Reference Section |
Coffee Reference Section

Welcome to our Coffee Reference section, where you can browse hundreds of pages of interesting and informative coffee materials adapted from Kenneth Davids' books. The section is organized into the following areas:

Coffee Basics
Coffee History 
Coffee Language 
Tasting or "Cupping" Coffee 
Tasting Vocabulary 

Coffee Categories
Geographic Origins 
Roast Styles 
Blends and Blending 
Cause Coffees 
Flavored Coffees 
Decaffeinated Coffee 

Coffee and Health
Caffeine Content 
Short-Term Effects 
Moderate Consumption 
Long-Term Effects 
Reducing Caffeine Intake 
Another Suspect: Acid 
Pesticides and Chemicals 
Health Benefits of Coffee 

From Crop to Cup
Growing and Harvesting 
Professional Coffee Roasting 
Home Coffee Roasting 
Buying and Storing 

Coffee Culture
The Coffee Ritual 
Coffee as Sacrament 
Coffee Ceremonies 
Coffee Anti-Ceremonies 
Coffeehouse Culture 
Worldwide Tradition 

Espresso Basics 
Espresso Cuisines 
Roasting for Espresso 
Blending for Espresso 
Buying Espresso 
Espresso Grinding 
Espresso Brewing 

Coffee Glossary

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Adapted from Coffee: A Guide to Buying, Brewing & Enjoying; Espresso: Ultimate Coffee; and Home Coffee Roasting: Romance & Revival. St. Martin's Press.
Copyright © 1996, 2001 by Kenneth Davids. All Rights Reserved.