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Best value coffees of 2017

Top Value Coffees of 2017

Some readers seek coffees with the highest scores.  Others look for great value.  What if you want both?  The coffees below were singled out on our 2017 list of Top Coffees by Category as the best value in 2017. As December 15, 2017, all six of these fine coffees are available for sale on the roasters’ websites.

Best Values – Espressos

No. 13 Red Rooster Coffee Roaster, Flight Seasonal Espresso – 95 points, $16.49/12 ounces
Espresso Republic, Static Cali Classic Espresso – 94 points, $14.95/12 ounces
JBC Coffee Roasters, Twisted 4.0 Espresso  – 94 points, $15.75/12 ounces

Best Values – Non-Espressos

No. 28 Durango Coffee Company, Colombia Finca Campoalegre – 94 points; $13.95/12 ounces
No. 30 Question Coffee, Rwanda Twongere Umusaruro – 93 points; $13.99/12 ounces
Topeca Coffee Roasters, Kenya Boma AA  – 94 points, $15.99/12 ounces

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