Ted Stachura, Coffee Buyer, Roaster and Cupper

Ted Stachura has over twenty years experience in the coffee, tea and food service industries.  He is currently managing the coffee program at Equator Coffees and Teas in San Rafael, California, where he is in charge of coffee procurement, roasting and quality assurance. He is also co-founder of Coffee Informatics, a technology company in service to the coffee community, whose products include RoastLog, a data management system designed for especially for coffee roasters.

Before joining Equator, Ted was a  consultant with Kenneth Davids Consulting, focusing on green coffee purchasing, roast and blend development, and implementation of quality assurance programs for clients in North America, Asia and Europe, as well as an editor at Coffee Review, where he continues to contribute an occasional blog. Previously he worked as Coffee and Tea Training Program Manager at Peet’s Coffee & Tea.

Ted’s passion for all things coffee is expressed through his study of coffee, daily cupping and roasting, and in his efforts to educate the public about fine quality coffee through writing and training.  When not occupied with the business of coffee, he enjoys fine tea, wine, beer and spirits, barbecue, and mixing cocktails as a home bartender.  These interests come together in his enthusiasm for entertaining friends in his home, in Oakland, California where he lives with his wife and dogs. Contact Ted at ted@equatorcoffees.com or ted@roastlog.com