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Washington Loves Coffee, But Not As Much As …

Based on reader feedback regarding last week’s  “Who Cares About Coffee Anyway” blog post, it was clear that we needed to dig deeper than a top 10 list of coffee cities (based on per capita Coffee Review readership).  Numerous readers asked where their hometown ranked.  We decided that we needed to expand the list, perhaps to a top 100.

But it occurred to us that readers not residing in the top 100 cities would continue to wonder where their city or town ranked.  Instead, we ran the numbers by state (for April – June 2013) so no one, in the United States anyway, would feel left out.  Here’s what we found… breaking news: Washingtonians loves coffee.  No surprise there.

However, the state of Washington was NOT #1 in terms of per capita Coffee Review readership.  Hawaii is #1!  That seems surprising at first glance but, when you consider that Hawaii is the only state that produces coffee commercially, it stands to reason that a lot of people have a vested interest in coffee news and reviews.

Here’s the top 10:

1. Hawaii

2. Washington

3. Massachusetts

4. Vermont

5. California

6. Montana

7. Oregon

8. New York

9. Colorado

10. New Hampshire


It was interesting to see where people are NOT reading Coffee Review.  The lowest per capita readership by state is as follows:

50. Mississippi

49. Arkansas

48. West Virginia

47. Kentucky

46. Idaho

45. Alabama

44. Utah

43. South Carolina

42. Louisiana

41. Oklahoma


Obviously, if you don’t have access to the internet, you can’t visit   Many of the states ranked 41-50 have lower internet connectivity rates than those in the top 10.   The above results were normalized for internet connectivity.

Now, keep in mind that plenty of folks in Mississippi, including my sister-in-law, read Coffee Review.  However, as a whole, Mississippians just aren’t as interested in reading about coffee as people from Hawaii.  To put it in perspective, if you live in Hawaii, you are five times more likely to read Coffee Review than if you live in Mississippi.

The remainder of the ranking is as follows:

11. Minnesota

12. Illinois

13. Alaska

14. New Jersey

15. North Carolina

16. Virginia

17. Kansas

18. Maryland

19. Florida

20. Connecticut

21. Missouri

22. Georgia

23. Wisconsin

24. Pennsylvania

25. Maine

26. Texas

27. Arizona

28. Indiana

29. South Dakota

30. Michigan

31. Nevada

32. New Mexico

33. Rhode Island

34. Tennessee

35. Nebraska

36. Iowa

37. Ohio

38. North Dakota

39. Wyoming

40. Delaware


Later in the year, we’ll revisit the readership data and incorporate some additional factors, such as concentration of roasters and cafes, to add some texture to these admittedly one dimensional rankings.







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