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Single-Serve Coffee and Espresso Reviews

Machines that utilize a pod, capsule, or K-Cup packed with ground coffee to brew a single serving of coffee (or espresso) are very popular.  According to the latest data from the National Coffee Association, thirteen percent of the U.S. population drank coffee made in a single-cup brewer.

We first evaluated coffees brewed on single-serve machines in our January 2004 article – At What Cost Convenience? Testing the New Single-Serve Coffee Systems.  We compared the systems from Flavia, Melitta, and Keurig, the emerging market leader.  Keurig-brewed K-Cups earned the six top scores (85+) and even produced a 90-point cup: Timothy’s Colombian La Vereda.

We reviewed single-cup brewers again in two December 2005 articles:

At What Cost Convenience: Tasting the New Crop of Single-Serve Coffee Systems

A User’s Survey: Single-Serve Coffee Brewing Systems

In January, 2009, we reviewed single-serve brewing systems that use pods or capsules to brew espresso: Convenience First: Espresso Pods and Capsules.  Both the Nespresso and IllyCaffe systems fared well, with scores in the high 80’s and even a 90-point review.

Nespresso – Ristretto Espresso (black capsule) – 91 points

IllyCaffe – Espresso Tostatura Media iperEspresso Capsule – 90 points

We revisited single-serve systems again in April 2011 – The Single-Serve Compromise and, most recently, in April 2013 – The (Not Quite Arrived) New World of K-Cups.

With the growing demand for convenient single-serve coffee and espresso brewing systems, and strong margins for manufacturers, new and upgraded single-serve coffee systems are coming on the market quickly.  In July, we will evaluate four of the newer single-serve capsule espresso systems, including the Keurig/Lavazza Rivo, Starbucks’ Verissimo, the Canadian/Italian Singolo system, along with the well-established Nespresso system.


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