Kobricks Coffee

True Mocha Java

Location: Jersey City, New Jersey

Origin: Central Yemen; eastern Java, Indonesia.

Roast: Medium-Dark

Est. Price:

Review Date: January 2010

Agtron: 38/56

Aroma: 8

Acidity: 7

Body: 8

Flavor: 8

Aftertaste: 7

Blind Assessment:

A rich and chocolaty cup. In the aroma aromatic wood and roast-tinged chocolate. In the cup the chocolate rounds and sweetens with cherry tones, then turns dry and bittersweet in the finish, enlivening a mild woody flatness.


This darker-roasted version of the ancient Mocha-Java blend is a traditional one, combining a genuine Java from the government estates of East Java with a “natural” or dried-in-the-fruit Yemen. Founded in New York City in 1920, Kobricks is a family run coffee roaster with the mission of bringing “…the simple joy of specialty coffee into the daily lives of individuals.” Visit www.kobricks.com or call 800-562-7491 for more information.

Who Should Drink It: A geographically authentic darker roasted version of the Mocha-Java blend.

This review originally appeared in the January, 2010 tasting report: Fourteen Covers of a Classic Tune: Mocha Java Blends

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