Sumatra Narata Nauli

Location: Fairfax, Virginia

Origin: Lintong growing region, northern Sumatra, Indonesia

Roast: Medium-Dark

Est. Price: $12.00/10 ounces

Review Date: August 2017

Agtron: 40/51

Aroma: 8

Acidity/Structure: 8

Body: 8

Flavor: 9

Aftertaste: 7

Blind Assessment:

Roast-toned; musky and earthy. Raisin, moist pipe tobacco, musk, vanilla-toned flowers, scorched cedar in aroma and cup. Delicately and sweetly pungent in structure. Mouthfeel is light but distinctly silky. Roasty and flavor-saturated in the short finish; dries a bit in the long.


“Narata nauli” means “beautiful green,” referring to the quality of this green coffee. Coffees from the northern part of the Indonesian island of Sumatra are admired for their complex aromatic wood and fruit notes that appear to result largely from unorthodox fruit removal and drying practices called “wet hulling.” This coffee tied for the sixth-highest rating in a tasting of nearly 130 darker-roasted coffees for Coffee Review‘s August 2017 tasting report. Kustomcoffee is a Virginia-based micro-roaster specializing in sourcing premium green coffees and roasting them in small batches using artisan methods. The company also creates custom blends for wholesale clients. Visit www.squareup.com/market/kustomcoffee for more information.

The Bottom Line: An authentic “forest floor” style of Sumatra coffee brought to a briskly decisive darker roast, enriching without obscuring its pleasing earthy idiosyncrasy.

This review originally appeared in the August, 2017 tasting report: Darker-Roasted Coffees: Confessions and Amends

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