Big Island Coffee Roasters

Puna Barrel-Aged

Location: Mountain View, Hawai'i

Origin: Puna District, Big Island of Hawai'i

Roast: Medium-Light

Est. Price: $31.00/10 ounces

Review Date: May 2019

Agtron: 54/78

Aroma: 9

Acidity/Structure: 8

Body: 9

Flavor: 9

Aftertaste: 8

Blind Assessment:

Sweetly spice-toned, richly chocolaty. Salted chocolate, hop flowers, Concord grape, ginger, a hint of aged grappa in aroma and cup. Sweet-savory structure with fruit-forward, wine-toned acidity; full, syrupy mouthfeel. The finish leads with Concord grape and ginger in the short, followed by hops in the long, all bound by a throughline of savory-sweet chocolate and aged grappa.


This coffee tied for the second-highest rating in a cupping of Hawai’i-grown coffees for Coffee Review’s May 2019 tasting report. Produced entirely of the Caturra variety of Arabica by Accidental Coffee Farm in Glenwood, Hawai’i at an altitude of 2,000 feet in the Puna District of the Big Island. Processed by the Kenya-style double-washed method, then further conditioned using an experimental barrel-aging treatment in local Kuleana rum barrels. Big Island Coffee is an award-winning coffee roaster and coffee farm operated with hands-on passion by Kelleigh Stewart and Brandon von Damitz. Visit www.bigislandcoffeeroasters.com for more information.

The Bottom Line: A fascinating sensory experience of a coffee aged in rum barrels: a recombinant mashup of musky fruit notes, sweet ferment, spicy florals, and chocolate with a salty edge.

This review originally appeared in the May, 2019 tasting report: Hawai'i: A New Wave of Coffee Innovation

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