Premium Coffee (Instant Coffee)

Location: Northfield, Illinois

Origin: Not disclosed

Roast: NA

Est. Price: $8.99/8 ounces (226 grams)

Review Date: September 2018

Agtron: NA/NA

Aroma: 3

Acidity/Structure: 3

Body: 6

Flavor: 3

Aftertaste: 3

Blind Assessment:

Evaluated at proportions of 5 grams of instant coffee powder mixed with 8.5 ounces (250 ml) of hot water. Not attractive. Rotten suggestions (composted orange, lily) and acrid wood dominate, along with a metallic note. On the positive side, hints of prune, salty caramel, cardamom. Bittersweet and acrid in structure; lean but smooth in mouthfeel. Continued bitter and acrid in the finish.


This coffee was reviewed in the “supermarket” category in a tasting of soluble or “instant” coffees for Coffee Review’s September 2018 tasting report. Contains coffee of the robusta species. Yuban is a brand of Kraft Foods. Visit www.yuban.com for more information.


The Bottom Line: At 20 cents per serving, inexpensive. Not much else positive to say about it.

This review originally appeared in the September, 2018 tasting report: The New (and Old) Instant Coffees: Convenience Aspires to Quality

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