GT Coffee

Paradise A

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Origin: Northern Thailand.

Roast: Medium-Light

Est. Price: $5.03/8 ounces

Review Date: July 2012

Agtron: 46/78

Aroma: 7

Acidity: 8

Body: 8

Flavor: 8

Aftertaste: 8

Blind Assessment:

Quiet, softly balanced. Fresh-cut fir, honey, hints of chocolate and tart fruit in aroma and cup. Gently brisk acidity; lightly syrupy mouthfeel. Rich, savory-sweet finish.


Produced in the “Golden Triangle,” the mountainous region overlapping the order regions of Myanmar, Thailand, and Laos. Coffee is one of several crops developed to replace the traditional production of opium in the region. This particular fine Arabica coffee is from the northern Thailand village of Doi Chang, Doi Wawee District. Golden Triangle produces fine coffee from Myanmar and Laos as well as from Thailand, where the company is based. It is involved in all aspects of coffee production, from farming through milling to roasting and sales. Visit www.doiwaaweecoffee.com or call 66-81-658-0856 for more information.

Who Should Drink It: An understated, nicely structured breakfast cup for those who prefer the calm to the dramatic.

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