Multatuli Coffee Merchants

Organic Fair Trade Espresso

Location: Kingston, Ontario, Canada

Origin: Not disclosed.

Roast: Dark

Est. Price: $11.25/12 ounces

Review Date: August 2014

Agtron: 36/45

Aroma: 9

Body: 8

Flavor: 9

Aftertaste: 7

With Milk: 8

Blind Assessment:

Evaluated as espresso. Rich, complex, gently roasty. Sweet chocolate, raisin, ripe grapefruit, lightly scorched pine, a hint of lush flowers in aroma and small cup. Plush but drying mouthfeel; sweet though quite drying in the finish. Lightly and delicately chocolaty in three parts milk.


The coffees in this blend are certified organically grown and Fair Trade, meaning they were purchased from small-holding farmers at a “fair” or economically sustainable price. Multatuli Coffee Merchants was founded in 1998 in the back of a small café in Kingston Ontario, and now sells its coffee wholesale to dozens of cafés and independent grocers in the Kingston area as well as through its own Coffeeco Espresso Bars. Visit www.onecoffeeco.com or call 613-389-7994 for more information.

Who Should Drink It: Grapefruit and chocolate dominate pleasingly in a tactfully dark-roasted organic and Fair Trade espresso.

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