OQ Coffee Co.

Monserrate Colombia

Location: Highland Park, New Jersey

Origin: Huila Department, southwestern Colombia.

Roast: Medium-Light

Est. Price: $12.00/12 ounces

Review Date: April 2015

Agtron: 59/82

Aroma: 9

Acidity: 8

Body: 8

Flavor: 9

Aftertaste: 8

Blind Assessment:

Deeply resonant, pungent. Black currant, apricot, hints of dark chocolate and wisteria-like flowers in aroma and cup. Crisply sweet acidity; satiny mouthfeel. A slight savory edge deepens and complicates a sweet finish.


From the farm of Jose Cuchumbe, one of a community of 42 farmers near Monserrate in the Department of Huila, Colombia. OQ Coffee is a New Jersey-based small-batch roasting company that emphasizes its commitment to coffee quality and community-building. Visit www.oqcoffee.com for more information.

Who Should Drink It: Its resonant depth and pungent berry enveloped in floral sweetness suggest the rounder, deeper style of Kenya. Should appeal to those who enjoy intensity without assertive brightness.

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