Thanksgiving Coffee

Mocha Java

Location: Fort Bragg, California

Origin: Ethiopia; Sumatra, Indonesia

Roast: Medium-Dark

Est. Price: $12.00/12 ounces

Review Date: February 2011

Agtron: 40/46

Aroma: 9

Acidity: 8

Body: 8

Flavor: 8

Aftertaste: 7

Blind Assessment:

Delicately sweet aroma highlighted by a complex range of fruit: ripe berry, spicy citrus, with a backgrounded nut and fir. Gently tart acidity, medium body, silky mouthfeel. In the cup flavor smoothes and rounds, with the nut and fir moving forward and the fruit softening toward chocolate. Flavor persists in the short finish but fades toward a mild astringency in the long.


The components of this blend are certified organically grown and Fair Trade certified, meaning they were purchased from small-holding farmers at a “fair” or economically sustainable price. This version of the ancient Mocha-Java blend combines a traditionally processed, wet-hulled Sumatra in place of the original Java and replaces the Yemen Mocha with a similar “natural” or dried-in-the-fruit coffee from the Hache Cooperative in southern Ethiopia. One of the country’s pioneering socially and environmentally progressive roasters, Thanksgiving aimed to combine coffee quality with social and environmental responsibility many years before the latter preoccupations became fashionable. Visit www.thanksgivingcoffee.com or call 800-648-6491 for more information.

Who Should Drink It: Dramatic aroma in this exotic but balanced variation on the traditional Mocha Java blend.

This review originally appeared in the February, 2011 tasting report: Readers' Nominations

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