Van Houtte Cafe

French Roast (K-Cup)

Location: Montreal, Canada

Origin: Not disclosed

Roast: Dark

Est. Price:

Review Date: January 2004

Agtron: 0/38

Aroma: 7

Acidity: 7

Body: 7

Flavor: 8

Blind Assessment:

Sweet, low-key, expansive aroma. In the cup rich and cleanly roasty, with an agreeable bittersweet balance complicated by fresh leather, chocolate and a shimmer of sweet grapefruit. The grapefruit persists in the rich but astringent finish.


K-Cups are designed for the Keurig single-serve brewer. Van Houtte (“A Taste of Europe in Your Cup”) is a large Canadian coffee roaster and office coffee service provider with its roots in European small-batch roasting. Visit www.vanhoutte.com for more info.

Who Should Drink It: Those who enjoy complex, bittersweet dark roasts without burned tones.

This review originally appeared in the January, 2004 tasting report: At What Cost Convenience? Testing the New Single-Serve Coffee Systems

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