Café de Impression

Ethiopian Washed Kochere G1 SO Espresso

Location: Kaohsiung City, Taiwan

Origin: Kochere, Yirgacheffe growing region, south-central Ethiopia.

Roast: Medium

Est. Price: $12.00/16 ounces

Review Date: April 2015

Agtron: 49/62

Aroma: 9

Body: 9

Flavor: 9

Aftertaste: 8

With Milk: 9

Blind Assessment:

Evaluated as espresso. Vibrantly rich, sweet, intense. Chocolate fudge, passion-fruit, mango, jasmine, sandalwood in aroma and small cup. Smooth, silky mouthfeel. Flavor consolidates around cocoa and sandalwood in a resonant, slightly drying finish. Chocolate dominates in three parts milk with continued hints of passion-fruit and mango.


Yirgacheffe is a coffee region in southern Ethiopia that produces distinctive coffees from traditional varieties of Arabica long grown in the region. Yirgacheffe coffees like this one processed by the wet or washed method (fruit skin and pulp are removed before drying) typically express great aromatic complexity and intensity, often with a particular emphasis on floral notes. Like virtually all Ethiopia coffees, this coffee is produced by villagers on small, garden plots interplanted with food and other subsistence crops. Located in Southern Taiwan, Café de Impression is a micro-roastery owned by Jeff Chang, who also specializes in importing green coffee into Taiwan. Café de Impression’s coffees are available exclusively online. Visit http://cafedeimpression.blogspot.com for more information.

Who Should Drink It: This intricate and richly composed single-origin espresso should excite espresso adventurers while satisfying classicists with its depth, balance and sweetness.

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