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El Salvador Finca Kilimanjaro Cascara Fermentation Aida Batlle

Location: Topeka, Kansas

Origin: Santa Ana Department, El Salvador

Roast: Medium

Est. Price: $35.00/12 ounces

Review Date: June 2017

Agtron: 50/71

Aroma: 9

Acidity: 9

Body: 9

Flavor: 9

Aftertaste: 9

Blind Assessment:

Intensely sweet, intricate. Dark chocolate, aromatic orchid, strawberry guava, almond butter, frankincense in aroma and cup. Juicy, savory-sweet acidity; delicate, satiny mouthfeel. A bonus coconut note surfaces in the resonant, flavor-saturated finish.


This exceptional coffee was selected as the No. 6 coffee on Coffee Review’s list of the Top 30 Coffees of 2017. Finca Kilimanjaro is an El Salvador farm named after East Africa’s highest peak by Aida Batlle, one of El Salvador’s (and Central America’s) most respected and innovative coffee producers. Finca Kilimanjaro is planted with the famous SL28 variety of Arabica, the variety that produces the finest coffees of Kenya. This particular lot was fermented in an infusion of cascara (dried husk of the coffee fruit). This coffee earned the top rating in a tasting of women-produced coffees for Coffee Review‘s June 2017 tasting report. Roasted at PT’s Coffee, where the motto is “without the love, it’s just coffee.” Visit www.ptscoffee.com or call 888-678-5282 for more information.

The Bottom Line: The originality of this sweetly intricate, multilayered cup is doubtless owing both to a distinguished tree variety – Kenya’s famous SL28 – as well as to an innovative processing wrinkle involving conducting the fermentation step in an infusion of cascara, or the dried husk of the coffee fruit.

This review originally appeared in the June, 2017 tasting report: Holding Up (More Than) Half The Sky: Coffees From Women Producers

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