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Decaffeinated Costa Rican

Location: New Orleans, Louisiana


Roast: Very Dark

Est. Price:

Review Date: August 1997

Agtron: 27/39

Aroma: 5

Acidity: 4

Body: 5

Flavor: 4

Blind Assessment:

The roast overwhelms the coffee here. The cup is carbon-toned and rather thin-bodied, with little nuance or dimension. Pleasant and without offense, but this Costa Rica’s virtues and surprises apparently were left behind in the decaffeination vat and roasting smoke.


Pleasant and without offense, the roast overwhelms the coffee. Decaffeinated by the Swiss Water Process (TM)

Who Should Drink It: Decaffeination is more German obsession than French, but a health-conscious Francophile who fondly remembers the charred-tasting coffee in provincial cafes in northern France might enjoy this one.

This review originally appeared in the August, 1997 tasting report: Decaffeinated Coffees

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