Baronet Coffee Roasters

Colombian LIght Roast (paper pod)

Location: Hartford, Connecticut

Origin: Colombia

Roast: Medium

Est. Price: $8.50/16 pods

Review Date: April 2011

Agtron: 0/55

Aroma: 7

Acidity: 8

Body: 8

Flavor: 8

Aftertaste: 7

Blind Assessment:

(As brewed in a Bunn My Café single-serve brewing device to produce a 6-ounce serving): Rather lively, savory-sweet profile with ripe tomato and dark chocolate suggestions carrying from aroma through cup to finish. Smooth mouthfeel, lemony acidity. The aromatics are only fully expressed in the cup; the aroma is a bit muted in intensity and the finish pleasing but short.


The Bunn My Café (www.bunnmycafe.com) is a well-designed, versatile machine that brews from pillow-shaped paper pods. However, at this writing (early 2011), and based on our testing, the range and quality of Bunn-compatible pods available from cooperating roasting companies do not quite appear to live up to the potential of the machine. In operation since 1930, Baronet is a third generation, family-run coffee business. Visit www.baronetcoffee.com or call 800-227-6638 for more information.

Who Should Drink It: Genuinely captures some Colombia character: richness, ripe tomatoey and lemony acidity rounded by a hint of dark chocolate. Unfortunately, lacks carry-through in aroma and finish.

This review originally appeared in the April, 2011 tasting report: The Single-Serve Compromise

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