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Stumptown Roasters to be acquired by Peet's

Peet’s Acquires Stumptown

According to Business Wire, Peet’s Coffee & Tea and Stumptown Coffee Roasters have announced an agreement in which Peet’s will acquire ownership of Stumptown from its existing shareholders, which include majority-owner TSG Consumer Partners LLC.  Stumptown, founded in Portland, Oregon in 1999, will continue to operate independently while having full access to Peet’s resources and scale. Peet’s will continue to pursue its own growth strategy, operating “as is” across its retail cafes, wholesale and grocery channels.

Peet’s Coffee & Tea was traditionally known for its dark or “deep” roasting style.  Stumptown Coffee more commonly roasts to a medium or medium-light level.

We haven’t cupped many samples from either roaster recently but we’ve rated 20 coffees from Stumptown and 16 coffees from Peet’s.  Stumptown coffees earned an average score of 90.5 points (see Stumptown coffee ratings). Peet’s coffees earned an average score of 88.0 points (see Peet’s coffee ratings).



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