Kevin Sinnott, Consumer Coffee Brewing Expert

Kevin Sinnott, host of consumer DVD “Coffee Brewing Secrets” instructional video and website, is one of America’s foremost consumer coffee authorities.

In 1995, at the onset of America’s fascination with all things coffee, Sinnott created The Coffee Companion, the first-ever consumer publication about finding and brewing the world’s best coffee. The Coffee Companion, which achieved a readership of more than 10,000 coffee lovers, offered Sinnott’s unbiased evaluations of what he calls “hardware” – all the equipment necessary to brew great tasting coffee, from water filters to coffee bean grinders to brewers. Coffee maker manufacturers sought his thumbs-up review, while consumers learned about the technical side of brewing equipment, from the classic Chemex to the French Press to the latest high tech brewers, and everything in between.

Since then, he’s made more than 100 media appearances, in USA Today and The Chicago Tribune, and on TV shows such as Oprah Winfrey, 20/20, The TV Food Network and numerous talk radio shows.

He served five years on the Specialty Coffee Association of America’s (SCAA) Technical Standards Committee, the only consumer ever appointed to the committee. He has conducted brewing seminars at SCAA trade shows and hosted espresso barista competitions at both SCAA and Coffee Fest trade shows. Sinnott owns more than one hundred vintage and contemporary coffee brewers.

His latest project is producing a web series: Mission Coffee Can, featuring the saga of college students who attempt to market Guatemalan direct trade coffee in America.

He lives with his wife and three children in Warrenville, Illinois.