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Is Coffee Bad For Your Health?: “Better is More”

This week, the highly respected Mayo Clinic published findings that suggest excess coffee consumption, defined as more than four cups per day every day, increases the likelihood of early death in people under the age of 55.  The study concluded, in part: “On the basis of these findings, it seems appropriate to suggest that younger people avoid heavy coffee consumption (ie, averaging >4 cups per day).”

Hmm?  That doesn’t sound like bad advice.  However, other equally legitimate recent studies from equally credible medical sources such as the New England Journal of Medicine suggest a positive health impact from moderate consumption of coffee.

Alice G. Walton wrote a thoughtful, balanced piece in Forbes magazine this morning.

What is a coffee lover supposed to do?  Give up coffee?  Drink more coffee?  From our perspective, the best course of action is to consume coffee, like everything else, in moderation (seemingly four cups or less per day?).  If you have any concerns, check with your doctor, who can provide advice about coffee consumption specific to your personal health condition.

So, is coffee bad for your health?  Based on recent studies, it seems coffee might be good for you and it probably won’t hurt you in moderation.  Our advice: Drink moderate amounts of quality coffee… that is, better is more.

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