Instaurator, Espresso and Coffee Consultant

Instaurator has been a specialty coffee roaster for 29 years and has helped establish successful businesses in North America, Japan and in his native Australia. He has served as both head judge and Executive Director of the World Barista Championship. He has conducted world-first research with one of the world’s leading coffee growers and has a unique overview of specialty coffee globally. Instaurator wrote the book The Espresso Quest a definitive perspective on all aspects of producing espresso coffee. He is the former President of the Australasian Specialty Coffee Association (AASCA)  and was named as a ‘coffee luminary’ along with Dr Illy in 2003.

His latest business, called Espressology, creates bespoke espresso blends, and provides espresso consulting expertise to roasters, baristas and growers around the world. For more information about Instaurator, please visit