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Attend CoffeeCon in Los Angeles on January 30, 2016

CoffeeCon in Los Angeles Saturday

This coming Saturday, January 30, CoffeeCon, the consumer coffee festival/event, arrives in Los Angeles at The Magic Box@The Reef, 1933 South Broadway. The event is a genuine consumer-facing event that combines a casual, intimate feel with coffee-obsessive rigor. Most of the LA area’s leading roasters will be represented with tables or booths. There are hands-on classes in brewing on a range of popular devices, expert panels, tastings, and more, which you can find described at

Also look at The Jay Ruskey presentation on California-grown coffee is worth the ticket in itself. CoffeeCon is run by my friends long-time coffee writer and blogger Kevin Sinnott and his wife Pat. And if you go, yes, you get a free Coffee Review subscription.

I usually make this special event, though I will miss this one. Coffee Review readers loose in Los Angeles on Saturday should not.

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