Reviews for Modern Times Coffee

Review Date: Jul 2018

Price: $3.99/12-ounce can

A ready-to-drink bottled black coffee tested over ice. Briskly vivacious and intricate. Complex berry notes (blueberry, strawberry), almond, sandalwood, lilac-like flowers. Sweetly bright in structure; full and lightly syrupy in mouthfeel. Flavor persists without loss of distinction with added whole milk. A nitro (nitrogenated) version of this blend displayed a livelier mouthfeel though somewhat less clearly articulated flavor.

Review Date: Jul 2018

Price: $5.00/12-ounce can

A ready-to-drink bottled black coffee tested over ice. Brisk, bittersweet, lively. Apricot, roasted cacao nib, walnut, blood orange zest, a hint of tea rose. Tart-sweet in structure with a bracing bitter edge; satiny in mouthfeel. Flavor consolidates around hints of apricot and walnut in a drying finish. Stands up to added whole milk with very little change in its defiantly brisk character and zesty array of flavor notes.

Review Date: May 2018

Price: $16.00/12 ounces

Evaluated as espresso. Richly sweet, brightly tart. Dark chocolate, lily-like flowers, blood orange zest, peach, cedar in aroma and small cup. Punchy, syrupy mouthfeel; crisp, cocoa-toned finish with lasting notes of citrus zest. In three-parts milk, the sweet-tartness of the shot carries through, bringing dark chocolate along for the ride.

Review Date: Oct 2017

Price: $16.00/12 ounces

Crisply sweet-tart, fruit-toned. Notes of cascara (dried coffee cherry), lemon verbena, honeysuckle-like flowers, dark chocolate, black peppercorn in aroma and cup. In structure crisp but almost candy-like sweet and deeply fruit-forward; syrupy mouthfeel. The finish, long, resonant and consistent, foregrounds the sweet herbaceous notes, both lemon verbena and cascara, wrapped in dark chocolate.

Review Date: May 2017

Price: $20.00/8 ounces

Top 30: No. 25 Coffee of 2017

Deeply sweet with a resonantly savory edge; intense and original. Peach, lavender, coconut and oak are complicated by a pleasing alcohol suggestion that no doubt reflects the bourbon-barrel conditioning, but in the sensory context of the coffee reads more brandy- or wine-like. Round, vibrant acidity; satiny mouthfeel. The peach note in particular carries into a flavor-saturated finish.