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Submission window changed for July tasting report

2014 Coffee Review Cupping Calendar

At the beginning of each month, we publish a new feature article with reviews.  The planned cupping calendar for 2014 is shown below:

January – Top 30 Coffees of 2013

February – Real Blend: Blends Produced from Three or More Origins

March – Specialty Coffees of Brazil

April – Specialty Coffees of Colombia

May – Coffees of Central Africa: Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania, Congo

June – Specialty Coffees of Indonesia and East Timor (excluding Sumatra)

July – Ready-to-drink bottled black coffees designed for drinking over ice

August – Coffees of Hawaii

September – Natural- and Honey-Processed Coffees from Central America & Mexico

October – Coffees of a Single Variety, from a Single Lot

November – The New Competitive World of K-Cups

December – Seasonal Offerings for the Holidays


Please note that the previously listed January 2014 review subject (Real Blends: Blends Produced from Three or More Origins”) has been postponed one month.  Cupping will occur in January and the article will appear for February.  The schedule is subject to further change.

The window during which we accept coffees for these review articles is the tenth day through the twentieth day of the month prior to publication. For example, we will test coffees for the May article during the period April 10 through 20.  However, professional travel or other distractions may lead to modifications of the 10th through 20th schedule, so we request that all roasters submitting coffees for a given article first query Jason Sarley at before sending their coffees.

We welcome feedback regarding our proposed cupping calendar for 2014.

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