Ka’u Bourbon

“An absolutely mind-blowing coffee” for co-cupper Andy Newbom (93). “Utterly pure yet soaringly intense,” for Ken (97). “Say fruit ten times,” Andy reports, and then he does, mainly variations of grapefruit, apricot and melon with green apple and Bartlett pear thrown in for the finish. For Ken that entire nuance is wrapped up in the extraordinary, singular explosion of cedary, pungently sweet berry, the quintessential Bourbon character. The acidity is enveloped in sweetness; in Andy’s colorful language it “startles and snuggles all at once.” For mouthfeel Andy suggests “crème fraîche Meyer lemon chiffon”; Ken sticks with a pedestrian “syrupy.” Ken awarded a perfect 10 to the long, balanced, deeply flavor-saturated finish.