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    El Salvador
  • El Salvador - Green

Roast: NA Review Date: September 1997
Origin: El Salvador Price: NA

Blind Assessment: Two contributors admired this coffee for its soft sweetness. Everyone else found it commonplace: "A bit flat, though pleasant and inoffensive"; "Okay, nondescript." The most outspoken condemnation: "Flat, dusty, institutional." Curiously, although most cuppers found the taste flat, several cited piquant nuances: herbal, spicy, etc. Perhaps the piquancy suggests the potential of this coffee and the flatness is a weakness caused by rushed fermentation or errors in handling or storage. Support for the latter hypothesis comes from one very specific assessment: "Slightly musty in the cup."

Notes: A bit commonplace, with some sweetness, and some piquant nuances. Originally reviewed by a panel as a green coffee. Strictly High Grown coffee, grown at an altitude of over 4,000 feet.

Who Should Drink It: Sweet grace notes flattened.


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