Decaffeinated Natural Sidamo by Ancora Coffee Roasters Review |
  • Ancora Coffee Roasters

    Madison, Wisconsin
  • Decaffeinated Natural Sidamo

Roast: Dark Review Date: August 1997
Origin: Ethiopia Price: NA

Blind Assessment: An unusual coffee, probably owing to the dry processing. The aroma is deep, rich, and powerful; the body full. In the cup, however, the power turns rather hard and herbal, almost peppery. Like so many coffees in the cupping, this one promises depth, yet won't let us past a hardness at the bottom of the profile.

Notes: An unusual coffee, deep, rich aroma with full body. In the cup the power turns herbal, almost peppery. Decaffeinated by the European process, involving use of methylene chloride.

Who Should Drink It: People who prefer a punch to a tickle. A bold coffee, and a full-bodied one. I didn't care for the herbal tones, but you might.


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