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    Toronto, Canada
  • Colombia La Vereda

Roast: NA Review Date: February 2003
Origin: Caldas Department, west-central Colombia. Price: NA

Blind Assessment: Powerfully but sweetly acidy, rich, with distinct red wine and cherry tones. Seductive but challenging.

Notes: La Vereda is a specialty coffee produced, like almost all of Colombia's coffees, on tiny, family-run farms, in this case, farms of the Embera Chami native community of San Lorenzo in the Department of Caldas. Timothy's purchase of La Vereda coffee helps fund school room construction and other projects in San Lorenzo. Timothy's is a Toronto-based, quality-oriented specialty coffee chain with locations in Canada, the United States and Europe. Visit or call 888-937-6278 for more info.

Who Should Drink It: Despite the rich sweetness that envelopes the acidity, this coffee remains a choice for the traditional coffee drinker who enjoys the dry intensity of classic high-grown Latin America coffees.


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