Magnolia Blend by Caffe Appassionato Review |
  • Caffe Appassionato

    Seattle, Washington
  • Magnolia Blend

Roast: Very-Dark Review Date: December 2002
Origin: Not disclosed. Price: NA

Blind Assessment: This very dark-roasted blend teeters on the edge of burned, but backs off nicely to stay on the agreeably sweet side of bittersweet. Fruit and fruit-toned chocolate notes, a suggestion of flowers, with only a shadow astringency. The Seattle-based reader who nominated this blend describes it as his (or her) "favorite local coffee. And as I am from Seattle, that's saying something."

Notes: Caffe Appassionato ("Coffee with passion, roasted with patience") makes a particular point of promoting a round, gentle style of dark roast. Visit or call 888-502-2333 for more info.

Who Should Drink It: Those looking for a conventional breakfast cup may find the slightly astringent finish bothersome, and non-Seattleites may object to the coffee-city chauvinism of the nominator, but lovers of dark roasts should find nothing to complain about in this complex but balanced blend.


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