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  • Sara Lee Coffee and Tea

    New York, New York
  • MJB 100% Colombian

Roast: Medium-Light Review Date: December 2002
Origin: Colombia Price: NA

Blind Assessment: The reader who nominated this canned supermarket coffee describes it as "not a harsh acid coffee. The taste comes through. Try it." I did, and found it a good though not great medium-roasted Colombia coffee: robustly acidy with decent complementing sweetness, full- bodied, but with little complexity or nuance. I agree that the acidity is not "harsh," but I did find it just a shade too overbearing and perhaps a touch sour.

Notes: MJB is a venerable American coffee brand now owned by Sara Lee. Visit www.saralee.com or call 888-246-2598 for more info.

Who Should Drink It: Those drinkers of the classic, medium-roasted American breakfast cup who discover that every specialty coffee in their neighborhood has been dark-roasted. This is by no means the finest medium-roasted Latin American coffee in the world, but lovers of the old-time American breakfast cup should enjoy it, plus it's inexpensive and easy to chuck into the cart with the rest of the week's shopping. And any canned 100% Colombia coffee is better than almost any other canned coffee on the shelf.


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