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  • Los Gatos Coffee Roasting Company

    Los Gatos, California
  • Celebes Kalossi

Roast: NA Review Date: March 2001
Origin: Toraja/Kalossi region of southwestern Sulawesi (Celebes), Indonesia. Price: NA

Blind Assessment: Very low-toned, smooth, with a dry, fruity bittersweetness that, with slow drinking, settles toward chocolate. A slight, musty astringency shows up in the aftertaste, but the pleasantly pruny bittersweetness prevails.

Notes: Los Gatos Coffee Roasting Company is a model of what in-store roasting can (and should) be: In business at the same location since 1982, never expanded, never franchised, content with its own local base of loyal customers, simply producing well-sourced an

Who Should Drink It: The musty tones that join the conventional pleasures of this coffee recommend it to lovers of foods and beverages that tread the rough edge between agreeable and disturbing: edgy spirits like grappa and mescal or the gamier soft-ripened and blue cheeses.


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