Traditional Washed - Green by Boutet Estate Review |
  • Boutet Estate

    Boquete, Panama
  • Traditional Washed - Green

Roast: NA Review Date: July 2000
Origin: Boquete growing region, Chiriqui Province, Panama. Price: NA

Blind Assessment: The panel put this light-bodied coffee somewhere between bland and defective. Four panelists reported at least one cup of the several they sampled displayed defective aromatics, their descriptions ranging from soapy to beefy to sour. Apparently I was lucky: all of my cups were light-footed but sweetly acidy and agreeable.

Notes: An inconsistent cup that wavers between sweetly acidy and defective. From one of two farms in the Boquete region operated by the Lamastus family. Grown at elevations ranging from 3,600 to 3,800 feet (1,100 to 1,150 meters). Processed by the traditional ferment and washed method. From the 1999/2000 crop.

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