Coffee Review - Media Luna from Uncle Beanz
  • Uncle Beanz

    Amboy, New Jersey
  • Media Luna

Roast: Dark Review Date: July 2010
Origin: Not disclosed. Price: $10.99/12 oz.

Blind Assessment: Robust, earthy blend. Aromatic wood, roasted nut and earth notes in both aroma and cup. The nut note turns a bit rawish in the cup, but everything smoothes and plumps up nicely in a rich finish. Backgrounded acidity, full mouthfeel.

Notes: This coffee is literally "Blended to cut the caffeine in half." It combines half decaffeinated coffee and half untreated, caffeinated coffee. The caffeine was removed from the decaffeinated component by the "Swiss Water Process" method that does not involve use of solvents. Uncle Beanz is a small-batch roaster whose motto is "Turn the routine into an everyday indulgence." Visit or call 877-992-3269 for more information.

Who Should Drink It: Forget the designer jeans. Rugged, no-nonsense half-caffeinated blend.


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