India Karnataka Thorarihunkal Maya Estate by Badbeard's Microroastery Review |
  • Badbeard's Microroastery

    Portland, Oregon
  • India Karnataka Thorarihunkal Maya Estate

Roast: Medium Review Date: October 2008
Origin: Karnataka State, southern India. Price: NA

Blind Assessment: Simple nutty aroma with a sweetness hinting at caramel. Soft, round acidity, with a full, smooth mouthfeel. Soft nut, cedar, and sweet tobacco notes in the flavor and a long, dry nuttiness in the finish.

Notes: Available at $9.95 per one-pound valve bag. Badbeard's Microroastery is a Portland, Oregon-based small-batch roaster focused on quality and freshness. Badbeard's encourages its customers to "make great coffee at home." Visit or call 503-232-7327 for more information.

Who Should Drink It: Those more laid back than get up and go.


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