Sumatra Lake Tawar Decaf by Paradise Roasters Review |
Roast: Medium-Dark Review Date: March 2008
Origin: Lake Tawar basin, Aceh Province, northern Sumatra, Indonesia Price: $13.95/14.08oz

Blind Assessment: Sweetly pungent, nut-like in the aroma with hints of raisins and night flowers. In the cup medium in body with syrupy mouthfeel, very sweet in structure with continued pungent moist earth and grapefruit notes. Continued hints of raisin and night flowers. Cleanly rich, long finish.

Notes: This coffee was decaffeinated by the conventional or direct solvent method. A superb, elegant version of the traditional Sumatra type distinguished by low acidity and idiosyncratic flavor notes that appear to result from serendipitous taints, especially a mild earthiness or mustiness acquired during unconventional drying procedures. Paradise Roasters prides itself on roasting and shipping coffee only after orders are placed. Its metaphoric mission is to bring some paradisiacal warmth from the coffee-growing south to the cool environs of Minnesota. Visit or call 763-433-0626 for more information.

Who Should Drink It: Those caffeine-avoiders looking for an opulently elegant version of the traditional earthy, malty Sumatra.


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