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  • Barefoot Coffee Roasters

    Santa Clara, California
  • Kotowa Organico Best of Panama #4

Roast: Medium Review Date: October 2007
Origin: Boquete growing region, western Panama Price: NA

Blind Assessment: Rather simple aromatically, but sweet-toned, balanced and rich. In the aroma butter, cedar and a hint of white wine. In the cup gentle, deep acidity, round mouthfeel, continued cedar and white wine notes with a hint of flowers.

Notes: A prize winner in the 2007 Best of Panama competition, where as a green (unroasted) coffee it placed fourth out of hundreds of entries, attracting a score of 89.6 from an international jury. The Kotowa farm and the Ricardo Joyner family have consistently produced prize winning coffees over the years, always following high standards of environmental and human stewardship, including certified organic growing practices. Barefoot Coffee Roasters is an award-winning and widely recognized small-batch roasting company that describes itself as "a happy little cafe and roastery in the heart of Silicon Valley." Visit www.barefootcoffeeroasters.com or call 408-248-4500 for more information.

Who Should Drink It: Lovers of beverages with quiet authority. A classic Panama: soft, sweet, balanced, with some bonus depth.


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