SuperCrema by Lavazza Review |
  • Lavazza

    Turin, Italy
  • SuperCrema

Roast: Medium-Light Review Date: August 2007
Origin: Not disclosed. Price: NA

Blind Assessment: Crisply sweet, deeply fruity aroma: cherry, sweet orange, milk chocolate. Slightly lean and sharp in the small cup, tartly sweet, with mild cedar and continuing citrusy and cherryish fruit notes. Moderately rich but simple, rather astringent finish. In milk blooms nicely with a cherryish dark chocolate. Slightly heavy finish.

Notes: SuperCrema is one of Italian coffee giant Lavazza's many espresso blends, but one of the few we were able to find available by Internet in the United States. Another Lavazza blend, the brighter, more acidy, all-arabica Qualita Oro, appears pre-ground in cans in some North-American supermarkets. The SuperCrema, the blend reviewed here, can be purchased in 2.2-pound valve bags on line at Visit for more information.

Who Should Drink It: Should make an elegant cappuccino.


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