Decaffeinated Sumatra Mandh. by The Roasterie Review |
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    Kansas City, Missouri
  • Decaffeinated Sumatra Mandh.

Roast: Medium-Dark Review Date: August 1997
Origin: Sumatra Price: NA

Blind Assessment: A sweet-toned acidity, a sort of subdued brightness, enlivens this medium-bodied coffee. The sweetness reads with considerable complexity: as vanilla in the nose and fruit-toned chocolate in the cup. Once these nuances have pleased us, however, nothing further turns up. No depth, no teasing secrets. Still, the elegantly complex top notes make this coffee one of the standouts in the cupping.

Notes: Elegantly complex top notes with a sweet-toned acidity enlivens this medium-bodied coffee. Decaffeinated by the European process, involving use of methylene chloride.

Who Should Drink It: A good coffee for caffeine-avoiders sufficiently slowed down enough to enjoy its nuances. The sweet top notes are not entirely characteristic of the Sumatra origin, although the rather haphazard backyard processing in the Mandheling district can produce a fruity-toned, flirting-with-ferment cup like this one.


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