Reviews for The Roasterie

Review Date: Jun 2013

Price: $16.22/12 ounces

Sweetly tart berry notes suggest black currant, blackberry, black cherry. Rich floral and rounding oak complication. Roast-rounded, balanced acidity; silky mouthfeel. Long, deeply flavor-saturated, sweetly drying finish.

Review Date: May 2013

Price: $16.65/12 ounces

Complexly and richly floral: crisp lavender and sweet honeysuckle in particular in aroma and cup, with backgrounded suggestions of roasted cacao nib and walnut. Delicate, gently brisk acidity; light but lively mouthfeel. Long, sweet finish with a slightly drying walnutty edge.

Review Date: Sep 2012

Price: $22.50/12 ounces

Delicate, crisply sweet-toned. Fresh-cut fir, apricot, brown sugar and chocolate in aroma and cup. Gently and sweetly tart acidity; silky mouthfeel. Sweetness outlasts a drying astringency in the finish.

Review Date: Sep 2011

Price: $29.30/12 ounces

Darkish roast influences the distinctive profile without dominating it: Deep, sweetly pungent aroma with hints of flowers, lemon, berry, cedar. Lemony, roast-muted acidity; lightly syrupy mouthfeel. Aromatics deepen in the cup, with the cedar moving forward, the flowers turning toward a spicy rose and the berries turning lightly chocolaty. Rich finish with good flavor saturation.

Review Date: Aug 2011

Price: $18.62/12 ounces

Quietly distinctive profile, low-toned with nut, toasted grain and sweet cocoa notes complicated by a deep, ripe-lemony tartness. Light-textured, creamy mouthfeel and long, crisply sweet finish.

Review Date: Jul 2011

Price: $12.94/12 ounces

Gently roasty in aroma and cup, with a chocolaty char complicated by a rich, tart lemon. Muted acidity, leanish mouthfeel. Surprisingly fine finish: clean, long, resonant with sweet cocoa and chocolate nuance.

Review Date: May 2011

Price: $11.89/12 ounces

Deep, pungent aroma: raisin, walnut, fresh-cut fir. Round, muted acidity; medium body. Quite sweet in the cup, with a crisp, cocoaish chocolate complicating continued walnut and fir notes. Flavor and sweetness carry impressively into a long, roundly rich finish.

Review Date: Feb 2011

Price: $11.03/12 ounces

Delicate, lyrical coffee. Crisp and balanced in aroma and cup: ripe lemon, flowers, backgrounded nut a hint of citrus-toned chocolate. Gentle acidity, light but impressively silky mouthfeel. The ripe lemon note persists in the surprisingly rich finish.

Review Date: Nov 2010

Price: $11.99/12 oz.

Pungent fresh-cut fir, roasted nut and a raisiny fruit dominate in aroma and flavor, with a surprising, sweet milk chocolate developing late in the mouth and carrying into the finish. Crisp acidity, smoothly delicate mouthfeel.

Review Date: Aug 2010

Price: $11.72/12 oz.

Sweet-toned aroma: toast, fruit and caramel. In the cup classically big, bright acidity, silky mouthfeel and juicy, complex fruit: apricot, peach, black currant, tart citrus with hints of flowers and honey. The fruit in particular lingers in a flavor-saturated finish.

Review Date: May 2010

Price: $10.50/12 oz.

Sweet-toned, soft aroma: moist pipe tobacco, molasses, flowers. In the cup delicate yet rich acidity, very silky mouthfeel, floral, lemon and apricot notes. The flavor constellation settles toward chocolate in a sweet, very rich finish.

Review Date: May 2010

Price: $10.50/12 oz.

Sweet, round aroma with soft notes of nut, milk chocolate and a suggestion of fruit. In the cup full body, smooth mouthfeel, soft acidity, with aromatic notes turning deeper and more intense: dark chocolate, aromatic wood, nut. The dark chocolate turns very slightly bitterish in the long, dry finish.

Review Date: Feb 2010


Intense but rounded aromas suggesting grapefruit and fragrant tropical wood. The aromatic characteristics deepen in the cup, reflecting an almost juicy sweetness complicated by continued aromatic wood and pungently complex fruit notes: grapefruit, white grape, mango perhaps. Clean, rich finish, with the flavor notes softening but lingering deeply in the long.

Review Date: Feb 2010


A light roast encourages full expression of intense, sweet-fermented fruit notes. A lush brandyish cherry is complicated in aroma by a slight edge of herb – rosemary or mint – and a lemony cocoa in the cup. Delicately crisp acidity, silky mouthfeel, surprisingly rich, long, flavor-saturated finish.

Review Date: Jan 2010


Richly and sweetly acidy coffee with delicate complexity and depth. Cherryish fruit and nut notes in the aroma carry into the cup, with the fruit taking on a Riesling-like tart sweetness. Clean, crisp finish.

Review Date: Nov 2009


A rather dark roast develops charred fir, roasted nut, dark chocolate and pungent grapefruit notes in both aroma and cup. Roast-muted acidity, syrupy if slightly rough mouthfeel, good sweetness and flavor in the short finish, fading to a mild herby astringency in the long.

Review Date: Jun 2009


Co-cupper Jim Reynolds (91) praised a “spicy pungency” in the aroma and a smooth, balanced acidity. Ken (89) agreed. Both found the pungent character carrying into the cup, complicated for Ken by hints of flowers and cocoa. Simple but satisfying finish. Jim found the body “balanced in the light to medium range” but Ken found the mouthfeel a bit lean, accounting for his somewhat lower score.

Review Date: Sep 2008


A sweet-toned aroma with hints of caramel, milk chocolate and a soft roasty note. In the cup, mild floral brightness, medium body, good sweetness enveloping distinct walnut-like notes. The nut tones persist pleasantly into the long finish.

Review Date: Jul 2008


Very sweet-toned and bright aroma: lemon, orange, flowers, cherry, a hint of honey. The acidity, rich and enveloped in sweetness, lifts the cup and carries into the long finish. Continued lemon, cherry and floral-toned honey notes.

Review Date: Jul 2008


Pungent nut, hints of herb and earth in the sweet-toned aroma. In the cup full mouthfeel, crisp earth notes, dry, berryish fruit and a slight herby or gingery tingle. Rich, sweet, berry-toned finish.