Reviews for Ritual Coffee Roasters

Review Date: Feb 2016

Price: $17.99/12 ounces

Crisply and subtly sweet. Black currant, almond, gardenia-like flowers, dark chocolate in aroma and cup. Rounded, rich acidity; light but syrupy mouthfeel. Black currant and chocolate notes resonate in the quietly rich-toned, gently drying finish.

Review Date: May 2015

Price: $16.25/12 ounces

Evaluated as espresso. Co-taster Ethan Hill (92) and Ken (92) ended with the same score for this blend though their descriptors varied rather dramatically. Ethan’s emphasized flowers and fruit, Ken’s sandalwood and nut, though both cited a fine, elegant dry cacao note. Both found a refined brightness — “piquant green grape acidity” according to Ethan – and a light though very smooth mouthfeel. A gentle tart character dominated in three-parts milk but pleasantly so, well-nuanced with cacao, cedar and orangy fruit.

Review Date: Mar 2014

Price: $14.25/12 ounces

Delicate, soft, lively. Distinct honeysuckle-like flowers, apple, caramel, walnut, a hint of roasted cacao nib in aroma and cup. Gently crisp acidity; lightly plush mouthfeel. Sweet-toned, quietly flavor-saturated finish.

Review Date: Mar 2009

Price: NA

Simple but softly rich aroma: sweet aromatic wood, caramel. In the cup balanced, soft acidity, delicately smooth mouthfeel, crisp nut and cocoa notes with a halo of cherryish sweetness. Lovely finish: clean, sweet, cocoa- and cherry-toned.

Review Date: May 2008

Price: NA

Ken (91) was struck by the pungently sweet berry or black currant notes, which carry straight through from aroma through cup to finish. Co-cupper Ted Stachura (also 91) was a bit more general in his characterization, finding “sweet, winy tones and fruit” in the aroma and “bright acidity with floral qualities and sweet tangerine, cherry blossom and chocolate” in the cup. For both Ken and Ted the finish was slightly heavy but nevertheless pleasantly rich and flavor-saturated.

Review Date: May 2008

Price: NA

Little difference in rating or description between Ken (92) and co-cupper Ted Stachura (91) in regard to this exceptional Brazil natural. Ted’s assessment: “Big, floral aroma – lavender, fruit and sweet-leaning white wine. Floral and fruit qualities carry into the bright, yet fine, acidity. Complex flavors with more floral upfront, subtle, tart citrus tones and lots of sweetness. Clean finish with lingering floral hints.”