Reviews for Reading Coffee Roasters

Review Date: Jul 2008


Sweet-toned, bright aroma: gently pungent nut and fir notes, hints of coffee fruit (tart cherry), butter, chocolate. The aromatics simplify in the quiet, balanced cup; the tart fruit deepens toward brandy, the hint of buttery chocolate persists. Simple but clean, sweet finish.

Review Date: Oct 2006


A big, muscular espresso. Smoky, sweet-toned aroma with hints of apricot-toned chocolate. The massive body and syrupy if slightly astringent mouthfeel tend to overwhelm the chocolaty fruit in demitasse and finish, but all turns out well in milk, where the body remains fat and the chocolate blooms deeply and darkly.

Review Date: Jun 2006


Simple but classically appealing coffee. High-toned, sweetly spicy aroma with tight-knit suggestions of flowers, chocolate and sweet tomato that amplify in the richly acidy cup. The finish stays on the roundly hearty side of astringent.